We will be adding more pictures and reports from past events shortly!

2015 Events

July 2015 Powderham Castle 2015

2014 Events

July 2014 Powderham Castle 2014

2013 Events

November 2013 Devon Dipper Run 2013 This year's Dipper Run breaks a record of 11 bikes running, not many more but having 14 people riding this year is a very rare site for Devon

July 2013 Powderham Castle 2013 This year was to be totally different regarding the weather, last year so wet we had to abandon and this year so hot it was unbelievable

June 2013 Buzzing to Bickleigh 2013 Many miles were done by four of the riders to come along for the day, gladly no real problems for them so that was good.

2012 Events

September 2012 Lydford 2012 The first running of this area with Peter & Caroline organizing this for us, starting from the Castle Inn car park in the Saxon town of Lydford

7 & 8 July 2012 Powderham Castle 2012 Normal start to sort the grass on a lovely dry and very sunny Thursday evening, sadly our normal grass cutters and helpers were not able to make it.

June 2012 Buzzing to Bickleigh 2012 Sadly the ride coincided with the Jubilee weekend so I was not expecting a large turnout of riders but we did manage 9 riders which was a good turnout.

2011 Events

November 2011 Devon Dipper Run 2011 It has been a long time since Devon saw so many members together and good to see them chatting and making new friends

July 2011 Powderham Castle 2011 Our trusty team of grass cutters arrived Thursday evening to sort the pitch ready for setting up in the morning, John G, John R, Steve, James, Justin, Theresa and Roy.

June 2011 Buzzing to Bickleigh 2011 A new route this year brought Buzzing to Bickleigh up to 30miles adding another 3 miles to the previous year

03 April 2011 April Fools Run Some Devon riders were able to meet up with Keith Starks who organized the first Dorset Section Ride near Wimborne.

13 February 2011 Teign Valley Valleyntines Run Weather was not looking too good for the run as weather forecasts was for heavy rain over night and slowly improving later in the morning, sadly the rain never really stopped all day and gladly it was not too cold.

2010 Events

November 2010 Devon Dipper Run 2010 On a very cold and damp Sunday morning and ready to start to set things up for the day, it was noticed that the chiminea was still glowing from the fire and barbecue the night before.

September 2010 World of Country Life Club Display This is our second year of displaying some bikes at the World of Country Life Museum at Sandy Bay nr Exmouth with the display organized by the Westcountry Classic Vehicle Club.

July 2010 Powderham Castle 2010 Record entries for the club stand for many years with 17 members and families booked in, including some coming down from Wales for the weekend...

June 2010 Buzzing To Bickleigh 2010 The day started off with some risk assessment in my drive and thinking some riders may not wish to fall the four foot to the path below.

2009 Events

November 2009 Devon Dipper Run 2009 It looked like it was going to be a wash out for the running of our 25 mile Dipper Run, with the weather forecasts predicting very heavy rain with high winds over Saturday night.

September 2009 World of Country Life It was decided last year to have a display of a few bikes to fly the flag for the club at the World of Country Life vehicle rally organized by the Westcountry Classic Car Club.

July 2009 Powderham Club Stand and Chip shop Run 2009 I nearly called this one The Wet & Windy One 2 but decided the weather was not quite so bad as last year but bordering on being very close.

2008 Events

December 2008 Devon Dipper Run 2008 James was the first to turn up on his way after doing the night shift a 8.30am to say he will be back soon with his Mobylette, said he had been busy but he still looked bright eyed and bushy tailed.

July 2008 Powderham Castle 2008 Powderham club stand "well what can you say" we must have had our next month quota of rain and wind in just the time it took to set up and clear the stand!

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