Devon Dipper Run 2008

Best thing to do is sell the Bantams and buy a moped

Written by Roy Best

James was the first to turn up on his way after doing the night shift a 8.30am to say he will be back soon with his Mobylette, said he had been busy but he still looked bright eyed and bushy tailed. Plans were well on the way with setting up the refreshments etc for later and setting up our tea stop at halfway house. John turned up with his Bantam as his Raleigh was having problems with the clutch, trouble was the Bantam had a slow puncture as it proved later in the day. Nick popped in to say he couldn't make it as he had to cut some trees down for his mum as promised. Alistair turned up with his Raleigh RM5 Supermatic saying that he had not rode it before on the road, which last came out at the Powderam rally.

My Honda Novio would be having its first trip out in seven years apart from a couple miles the day before. Michael from Dorset followed with his Honda P50 looking forward to meeting some fellow members and Barry turning up on his post office Bantam, with Des and Irene offering to do the back up trailer with attached camper van, hoping to give them an easy day out in the country and from Somerset Joe & Jenny who came to see us off. Ten thirty arrived and we made a move on the first leg of our run through some Devon lanes and the odd main rd or two, weather was dull but promising also the women set off to get set up for the tea stop.

Things were going well until the Mobylette started to play up with fuel problems (it was Ok when I sold it to you mate) best place for now was in the trailer as tea was waiting for us as we thought. Arriving at halfway house, yes the women folk were yapping to our host and nearly forgot about the men folk so the rush was on to sort the refreshments. James had a look into the fuel problems and soon sorted the trouble "yea all right" then Barry turns around and says his gearbox on the Bantam was jamming and couldn't ride it so the Bantam takes place of the Mobylette for now and off we go for the second leg of our journey which would take us back to our start and lunch on a different route (hot spuds waiting).

The second leg of our journey was to prove a bit more of a challenge with some light rain and the back up trailer being a very important bit of kit, after about eight mile James was soon to be back on the trailer he and Barry lapping it up in the camper. Right now, remember John and his Bantam with the slow puncture at the start, yes you got it, the thing gave up for good and back up was called upon again. On arrival of backup the Mobylette was taken out and James promptly started it again so in goes the Bantam, the trailer started to look like a bantam graveyard by now.

In the mean time me, Alistair and Michael were having a great ride with Michael and Alistair having to move on as time for them was by now getting a bit short for other commitments. James nursed his bike home with me following and Bantams in tow ready for lunch, if ever a back up trailer was needed this was the day and thankyou to Des & Irene. Hot soup and roast spuds were waiting for us with loads of cakes and tea, also time to reflect on the run with all the days events.

A big thank you to Margaret and Theresa for looking after us during the day as they put a lot of work into this side of the road run.

Best thing to do is sell the Bantams and buy a moped!

Him at the back is white van man
White van man tryng to get away from it as fast as possible
Joe looking on, waiting for a sniff of the smoke
James with Des and Irene giving useful advice
James with Des and Irene looking on, will he solve it?
L to R: John, Des, James, Roy, Michael, Alistair and Barry
Michael Wood and his Honda with John Glanvill with his Bantam
Barry out of shot demonstrating his dodgy gearbox
Deep discussions on Barry's gearbox
The Devon Autocyclists