Written by Roy Best

Powderham club stand "well what can you say" we must have had our next month quota of rain and wind in just the time it took to set up and clear the stand. We managed to get a couple of hours Saturday morning with the public but things started to deteriorate as the day went on, but the stand was in hat time with lots of comments about the bikes and information on display. We had some old and new members coming to talk to us with the confident words of more help over the next year also asking about our meetings and when are we going to have a road run again. Section HQ was a very busy and popular place over the weekend with Stanís stove and teapot taking pride of place, also thanks to everyone who brought in tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes etc. Theresa and Vicky bought two buckets of small fresh cream ťclairs which none of us could resist especially Stan, we had to take them away from him in the end but let him take the remainder home with him and hopefully to share with Rosemary.

Sadly we had to forget our get togethers due to the appalling weather on Friday and Saturday evenings. With the prospect of a bit of better weather on the Sunday we were prepared for better things but with further continuous rain and wind things werenít looking to good. But in the end things had to crack with the wakeup call over the load speakers at 8am saying the show had to be called off, for the show organizers and their charity for this year this must have been very bad news. It was also a great shame with all the work taken by every one with our stand and others with their stands over the last months. The stand took most of the day to clear as there was a fatal bicycle accident which closed the main Powderham to Exeter road for most of the day and evening, with more heavy rain during the Sunday I think everyone was glad to see the end and get back to normality.

I want to thank everyone for all there help with the stand and transporting my bikes too and fro home, thanks to new members James for help with his van. With all the bad weather over the weekend, there was plenty of enthusiasm f0r moving the section along and next years Powderham Stand so good on you all. I will be sending some photos up to the club web site and hopefully they will be there when you get to read this report. www.thebuzzingclub.co.uk

Those displaying bikes were Des & Irene Heckle, James Ryan, Stan Agar, Alistair Currie, Mark Fisher, John Glanvill and Roy Best.

Bikes on display were, BSA Dandy, Garelli, Honda Novio, Raleigh Wisp, Mobylette, Raleigh Runabout, Raleigh RM1, Raleigh RM5, James, Francis Barnet, Teagle, Minimotor, Cyclaid, Cymota, Cyclemaster 25c & 32cc, PowerPak Standard Ė New Standard and Syncromatic and Berini cyclemotor.

PS Donít ask stan about the photo Stan didnít take pf the steam special after standing there for sometime.

8AM start
Overnight parking
Ready for the line up, 25 bikes in total
Rain? What rain?
The Des triangle (he's the one with the hat)
Back of Des triangle
A good display by the lads
And it all started with just the one bike
bag with brolly sticking through
Colour coded mopeds
Colour coded people
Cyclemotors with more colour coded people. It must be the season for red and blue.
Get the brollies out for the start of the end of the show
It must be love. John & Margaret
My bike's a goldwing. The goldwing boys tooks a fancy to our HQ during the storms.
Eleven cyclemotors
John and Mark supping tea after the show had to be closed due to the weather
Garelli, Mobylette, Dandy, RM1
Some of the 20 bikes stored overnight in the awning
The Devon Autocyclists