Devon Dipper Run 2009

November 2009

Written by Roy Best

It looked like it was going to be a wash out for the running of our 25mile Dipper Run, with the weather forecasts predicting very heavy rain with high winds over Saturday night. The forecast was that the rain and winds would come over night and start to clear up by about 10am leaving a gusty but dry day to follow; we expected that the rain would be with us for the day, gladly the forecast was spot on. As Sunday morning arrived the phone started to ring with people checking if the ride was still on and also asking if it was still raining in Exeter, with plenty of reassurance that everything was going to be Ok people started to arrive to unload and looking for the kettle.

Arriving also was homemade tomato soup and other tempting morsels to be devoured later in the day, Margaret, Janice, Rosemary and Theresa starting to set up to feed everyone later in the day. Sadly not every one was able to come but we still managed eight riders with Stan doing the trailer.

John Rowe turned up with two VeloSolex just in case one wouldn't start; I had my Novio and PowerPak ready but decided to take the PowerPak to show how well the bike coped with club runs. James came on his Honda Melody sporting a bright yellow spray job, Nick with his Honda 90 fitted with an 110cc race engine and keen to show how he could do wheelies on take off. This bike he rode down to Spain last year with some friends after putting it together from spares. John Glanvill with his Runabout and Des with his Francis Barnett, Geoff on his newly acquired Puch and Ambrose with his Tiger Cub completed our line up of assorted machines.

Leaving on time and in good cheer as the weather now was not bad at all and also quite warm, we went on our merry way. There were some odd lanes that had a lot of wet leaves so a bit of care had to be taken at times but in general very good, the bikes went well with no work for our back up man Stan apart from carrying my front mudguard home. Our route changed a bit from last year to lose a stretch of busy main rd, instead we went through some more lanes to have a half way stop at the Diggers Rest Pub in Woodbury Salterton for refreshments. I must admit that I did shoot into the pub car park thinking everyone was still behind, leaving some to miss and having to be rounded up by Geoff.

After a good dose of caffeine, use of the facilities also slight tinkering with a couple of bikes we set off on the return journey, this being shorter than the first leg. Near the airport we encountered some flood water which was about 14 inches deep, with John taking the lead with feet in the air we all followed and gladly managed to come out the other end. Halfway back after waiting on a junction for a while me Geoff and Ambrose guessing that others had taken the previous turning carried on back to the finish. On arrival we found the missing bikers having got to the soup first and I'm sure they were on there second cupful and loaf of bread. James came up with an excuse but it didn't ware with us, I did hear John on his Solex was glad of the shortcut.

There was a good spread laid out with the roast spuds and soup kitchen going down a treat with a good brew. The ladies had also lit the chiminea after nicking a pallet from the garage across the road which was a bonus for the afternoon as things turned a bit chilly as time went on. People started to make there way home by about four with Stan and Rosemary seeing out the remainder of the pallet and leaving at six pm. This bringing an end to a great ride as the PowerPak amazed everyone with its performance and every one going home after having a good day.

Hope the photos are bike related
Hopefully the cup is for tea, and the fuel for the bikes
Nick bending down saying "I had one of these when I was a boy"
Stig and his new Puch
James taking the lead on his Melody
Too fast for the camera again
John on the Runabout at Killerton House
It's not your eyes that are out of focus so don't panic
John Rowe having a great time
Ambrose doing his road safety no no
Waiting for the two Johns at Killerton
Des, James and John Glanvill
Stan and John Rowe
Roy and Ambrose
No idea what they're up to
Love the coat Des
Des on his way home
The Devon Autocyclists