Written by Roy Best

My first club ride of the year not on my bike but in the front passenger seat of the camper and back up trailer, Des at the helm, Irene & Theresa in the comfy seats to the rear. No problem with the bike apart from not being able to ride it with two crouches, with breaking my leg on April fools day it was just not going to be. Thankyou to Des, Irene & everyone else for not letting me do anything "could get use to it though" also the currant bun for looking down on us for the day.

The day started off with some risk assessment in my drive and thinking some riders may not wish to fall the four foot to the path below. John Rowe arrived with his VeloSolex after a disappointing time trying to sort out his Moto Guzzi Trotter with Steve & son-in-law Peter with both Steve's Quicklys. Mike coming from Dorset with his Honda and David Benn coming from Salisbury with his Norman which was a fair way to come to meet up with us and of coarse James on his Mobylette. John & Margaret were unable to come early and would meet us at Bickleigh for the ride home.

The ride started with the obligatory photo call with me trying to take photos on me crouches on the opposite side of the roads not realizing the batteries had fallen out in the drive beforehand. James took the lead with no idea where he was going apart from some pointing of fingers from the camper to the general direction of the route. Things went well for some miles with us at the rear and hoping James was going the right way and he did for a while, good job David was able to go and catch him going the wrong way again (seems to becoming one of his habits). Sadly John Rowe had problems with the Velosolex and was recovered to the trailer, joining Irene & Theresa in the rear of the camper.

At Bickleigh it was good to catch up with Matthew at the Devon Railway Centre where we used to display a load of our bikes; he also mentioned we were welcome anytime in the future. After a meal at the Fisherman's Cot, with some enjoying their packed lunch and the ladies shopping at Bickleigh Mill James took the lead Home. John & Margaret had caught up with us when we arrived there and took up the rear, we new James would be alright as when he goes wandering it's always in the direction of home.

I think everything must have gone well on the way home as we only caught up with everyone near the end of the ride. Most were able to stay for some time in the garden with many a bike story told, thankyou to Margaret & Theresa for sorting out the refreshments and food.

Hope the rope's ok
L to R: James, David, John, Roy, Peter, Steve and Des
What's that under the helmet?
View from the camper
Another view from the camper
Velosolex must be heavy
End of John's ride
Natter at railway centre
Fishermans Cot
High teas
The Devon Autocyclists