Written by Roy Best

On a very cold and damp Sunday morning and ready to start to set things up for the day, it was noticed that the chiminea was still glowing from the fire and barbecue the night before. As we had the chiminea lit last year later for the return, the decision was made to stoke up and place more logs on ready for the day. I placed a couple of new acquisitions to show them off with my Novio and PowerPak which I had not made my mind up which to ride, but fancied the PowerPak for the day.

Riders started to arrive and some soon started to gather around the chiminea to warm up, but the weather was soon starting to warm up with the sun shinning through. By eleven we had nine riders which gave us a very good turn out with some not being able to make the ride. Des and Irene also arrived in there lovely new campervan with the trailer to do back up for the day.

Riders were Steve and Peter on the Quicklys N and 23/2, Ian on the VeloSolex, Rick on the Yamaha T80, Jerry on the Honda Cub 90, John G on the Honda Innova, John R on the Moto Guzzi Trotter, Keith from Poole Dorset riding his Puch Sears Freespirit and me making my mind up to ride my much envied PowerPak. Some managed to ride some distance to come along for the ride and riding home again later in the day.

Leaving Pinhoe with Ian taking the lead as he new most of the route, with others following in a haze of blue smoke mainly coming from Keith’s Puch (slightly too much oil it seems). I was able to creep ahead on some occasions to take the photos of the ride and show the way when Ian was unsure, everyone rode in a group which is good and catch up was played when needed at important junctions. The weather was really coming good with the sun shinning and the autumn scenery and colours down the lanes adding to the great ride we were having.

In Clyst St Mary, Peters Quickly 23/2 came to a halt with some problem and a quick discussion arouse about who brought along a plug spanner, digging deep one was found and the Quickly with a blow on the plug came to life. We made our way to the Diggers Rest at Woodbury for our half way stop and spent some considerable time there drinking coffee and maybe a little something to go with it. On leaving a photo call was mentioned and Des took hold old the camera to take a photo of a line up of riders ready for the return trip home.

As the outward route the route home was just as good with no problems arising, this is probably the best ride I have been on for some time and by the faces of others they must have enjoyed it as well. As always we have some odd hills but this proved no problem as the enthusiasm of riders got over them, never did see the long legs of Ian pedalling the VeloSolex but was told this was something to see.

Arriving back in Pinhoe and everyone parking up looking for the soup and spuds, Theresa saying you spent too much time in the pub again and spuds may be a little crispy. Theresa had been busy in the kitchen and had everything ready for us, plus cakes and nibbles brought by others. The chiminea was well alight and the food soon disappeared, memories and stories of the day were passed around with riders slowly making there way home later in the afternoon. This has now become an established run and proving a great route as many commented on it afterwards.

Thank you to Theresa for cooking the food and Des and Irene again for doing the trailer.


Jerry cleaning his bike
Pink socks Ian
Steve and Peter
Steve, Peter, Keith & Jerry
Keith, Jerry & John
John R & Rick
Playing catch up
The invisible man
Jerry, Rick and John G nearing Clyst St Mary
Very minor repairs in Clyst St Mary
Head scratching and finger pointing
John R and Rick looking for the entrance
Parked up ready for a pint
Line up at the Diggers Rest
Not for sale
Who called the AA?
Steve, photo by Jack (almost 3yrs old)
The Devon Autocyclists