REPORT 10TH & 11TH JULY 2011

Written by Roy Best

Our trusty team of grass cutters arrived Thursday evening to sort the pitch ready for setting up in the morning, John G, John R, Steve, James, Justin, Theresa and Roy. We were expecting poor weather but this was the best evening for some time with clear sky's, couldn't wish to be in a better spot looking over the Exe and down to Exmouth. John R set up his H Van for our overnight security with son Justin who has now past his car test showing his Citroen car for the first time. After Steve had emptied his grass box onto someone else's patch of grass when they were looking the other way, John R set up his BBQ and as normal left a large burnt patch on the grass heavily disguised with grass by the morning. Waving them good bye we left John R and Justin to it and to look after some bikes for the night.

Friday saw many members and friends turning up from around the southwest to offer there services for the day, with Clive and Ann coming all the way from Kent who without knowing anyone soon joined in with things and good to see Steve & Sue from Bristol back again after many years. The stand really came together quickly as many people do the same things year after year; Des & Irene are now our main boundary team as they know the ropes. The day went on very quickly and riders started to emerge for the Chip Shop Run, Justin was warming his bicycle up ready for the ride and Clive and Ann itching for a ride. Ian's VeloSolex played up and after pedalling around the field a few laps he gave up and borrowed John R's spare VeloSolex, Clive & Ann was still waiting. James on his Mobylette, John G not being on top form decided best not to ride, me on the Honda Novio, Steve on the Quickly, John R on his newly acquired Quickly (bought from Steve), Geoff on his Puch, and Justin on the push bike again and of course Clive and Ann on their Quickly. It was quite an eventful ride with James stopping after a mile and after some time managed to get going again, bringing up the rear I found that Ian had stopped at the chip shop leading others in. Ian not riding this one before thought we were having a short ride and did not know that Dawlish was the first stop and the chips were on the way back (that's what he said). After dragging everyone out and explaining the route we moved on leaving James to pedal back with a broken bike and Ian who had his chips and wasn't going to let go. Things were going well with Justin beginning to puff a bit when John R stopped with a problem, this was a no go bike, Steve realizing we were missing had turned back and with a push of the pedals started it (told you the bike was Ok when I sold it to you). Off we go and after 50yrds I ran out of petrol forgetting to fill up from a ride the week before, anyway back up was needed and Ian now finished with his chips came back for me. After all the events most of us had missed the closing times of the chip shop and had to eat the biscuits instead (Grrrreaaaaaatttt !X*%$>) all in good fun though.

Saturday was an early start with many members and bikes appearing from all directions, things were happening and everyone getting involved from making tea to lining up the 32 bikes. The show was slow to start but as the day went on we were getting plenty of interest again, most of the morning we were catching up with members especially with some we had not seen since last year. In the evening with another get together and a ride around on the bikes, think next year we will take the opportunity to have another ride out before the wine bottles come out.

Sunday first thing was a more relaxed affair as the bikes came out from the storage tent and placed on their markers. Kettle on again and wait for things to happen and gladly the show was busier than yesterday with plenty being talked about regarding the club and bikes. I caught up with a few people I had been in touch with over the previous months and some have now signed up. Things have been moving on well with the stand as many look forward to seeing us there every year, the weather was on our side as well and we were very lucky on that one. Even though our space was cut down this year the stand seemed to be much better in appearance and we make the best display of bikes there. Time to pack up and before you know it everything is cleaned and packed away, don't think I did much as everyone had most things done. Thanks to everyone for their help especially the ladies who again helped with many things.

Me, well I'm off for a new hip now and hoping to get my leg over the seat soon, thanks for all the good wishes.

I will get him next time!
Grass and security crew - John R, Justin, Roy & Steve
Steve posing with his new lawn mower
John G says the clouds are coming
Clive and Ann all the way from Kent
He will need those jogging bottoms as that bike is not going to start!
Chips won't be long
Geoff can't control his bike again!
Riders line up
Bike display
Bike display
Geoff sitting on my bike again, now I have gotta get him off!
Sunday - time to put things away again
Potential new members Jack and Faye
The Devon Autocyclists