Written by Roy Best

Best turnout the Devon Autocyclists have seen for many years with eleven riders, four none riders with seven previous riders not able to make the ride due to commitments. It has been a long time since Devon saw so many members together and good to see them chatting and making new friends, makes the commitments by me and others all worth it. The Devon Dipper Run has been slowly building up and if things continue in this way could build to be a great ride for the southwest, glad to see the Dorset Section now building up as well with members riding each otherís events.

As normal we started early to make space for vehicles etc and the weather was good so the chimnera was not lit till later, didnít want to soften them up too early before the ride. The driveway soon became covered in bikes with a few I brought out so they could be looked at as well. Tea and coffee was sorted by Theresa and Margaret who also sorted the soup and spuds with much more later, obviously sorted well as they managed a trip to town shopping as well. Des & Irene again took on the duties of the sweeper with Harold following with his car as well, members Peter and Julian came to see what the rides are about and went away happy and looking for bikes.

The ride started with everyone lining up for the photo call and seeing everyone ride away from the line-up of bikes was something to see especially for us. The weather was very good and the ride went well with Derren having a bit of a problem with his Motobecane, this one he had only just bought and only done a few miles. Once his bike had cooled down and with some tinkering we picked up the pace, had a slight diversion as the lane to Woodbury had been closed for work so we had to make our way along the main Sidmouth Rd. This is not the best of roads for our bikes and soon got to Woodbury for the refreshment stop at the Diggers Rest, Ian & Pauline came along to meet us there as well.

When all the glasses had been emptied with a few cups as well we made a move for the return trip, bikes and riders behaving themselves we were off. Brian mentioned to me about another lane we may be able to take save having to go onto the Sidmouth Rd at a bad junction so we will test this one out for next year. A good ride back with Derrenís bike doing reasonably well and Barry flying off before he knew where he was going (twice), the route is getting to be known now and soon others will be able to take the lead as well. Back to Pinhoe for some eagerly waiting food and chimnera was lit by now, Theresa and Margaret had done well again with much food to be eaten and of course hot spuds and soup.

Thank you to everyone who came for the ride and help on the day, also for the distance travelled to get here for the ride. Riders were Steve NSU Quickly N, John Glanvill Raleigh Runabout, Barry Honda Express NC50, Roy Honda Novio, Mike Puch Maxi, Eric Mobylette, John Rowe NSU Quickly S2 23, Brian Honda PC50 K1, Derren Motobecane, Will Honda P50 and David Norman Autocycle.

Nice fence
Steve looking in his mirror to see if the fence is OK
Blue sky for the day
Turned a few heads on the bus
L to R: Barry, Roy, Eric, Mike, Steve, John, Brian, Will, John, Derren & Dave
Camera is over here Brian
Bye, were off for the day and we may not be back
At the Diggers Rest. Photo by Derren
The Devon Autocyclists