REPORT 7 & 8 JULY 2012

Written by Roy Best

Normal start to sort the grass on a lovely dry and very sunny Thursday evening, sadly our normal grass cutters and helpers were not able to make it and John R and Justin not able to come till late. The pitch this year was a twice the size as last year and in a new location putting the motorcycle clubs in an area of their own. I was wondering how to fill the pitch as numbers were down on previous years, at least people will be able to walk around the bikes this year. We waited for our security team John R and Justin to arrive with the tea pot and to set up camp, also to unload some bikes and club stuff then home for more bikes for the morning trip.

As a lot of events this year I asked in the week if the show was to go on as there had been a great deal of rain lately, the field seemed Ok on the Friday morning as people arrived to help set up the stand. After some "where do we put them" it was decided to leave John R and Ian to sort the gazebos and me and Des carried on with the boundary posts and bits. Things were good regarding the weather but as soon as we finished setting up in the morning it started to rain, never stopped for hours and actually stopped for the Chip Shop Run in the evening. The field had almost had it by now and campers by now were being towed in and heavy vehicles were blocking up the lanes as they were unable to go in any further. Due to the problems with weather with some and low entries three managed to ride, that was me on the Honda, John R on the Quickly and Clive and Ann from Kent on their Quickly, Justin came up the rear with is bicycle (he's not been on the bike for twelve months). We only had a bit of rain at one point but kept good for us, Justin as normal joined in when we passed nearby and was looking keen, sadly he forgot how hard it had been before and started to struggle by half way. We let him catch up a few times and made our way to the chip shop in good time and no running out of petrol this year, bit of banter with the chippy man about the mishaps of last year and being closed when we arrived. We got back to the gazebo with supper for the evening and then the heavy rain and now high winds started again and never really stopped for the weekend. By now the field was up for no more, we were towed out to go home thinking the show this weekend was not going to happen.

Me and Theresa got a call from John R about 6am saying he had been up most of the night catching gazebos flying though the fields, ours was wrapped around my bikes and johns gazebo wrapped around his bikes. We went down as soon as we could; it was still raining heavily with the high winds to find the field in an unbelievable state. The only thing that could be done was to gather everything up and start loading things back to the store, managed to get out the first time but left the van outside after that. The gazebos were gathered up and left for the rubbish lorry, when John's bikes and mine were retrieved and loaded we all went back home to dry off and gather out thoughts on the last few hours. It took us many days to dry things out and suss the situation with the bikes and club stuff, much was OK but some work will be needed for next year. Must thank John and Justin for their hard work during the night and helping to clear the field and coming back to help with the bikes, James came down from camping to help for a while, he was in a mess so had to go back to sort things out his end. We did not catch up with anyone else as things moved on too quickly, emailed them during the week and they seemed ok. Did hear the organizers were asking people to stay on and stick it out, heard in the end they were cancelling to public for the day and would carry on for the Sunday "that was a laugh". I've never seen a show in this sort of mess before and hopefully never again.

Sunday in the end was also cancelled when sense was seen and we spent all day sorting things out. New members Laurie and Paul arrived up on Sunday for the show riding their Puch mopeds from Plymouth to see us, thought they were coming Saturday and tried emailing late Friday but the message was not picked up. Understand they had many problems on the way home with one of the bikes but think they enjoyed their trip, sadly missed the on the Sunday. Thank you every one who booked on the stand and braved the weather, others thought best not to come along with the conditions as they were. John G in the end was not well and we found out he ended up in hospital for a few days, we all wish you well.

Clive and Ann came all the way from Kent again on the Friday, managed the chip shop run then went home Saturday morning, 450 mile I believe.

Is it going to start after leaving the fuel on in van
English oak and some plastic loos
Thursday view to Lymstone
Theresa with her feet up again with Justin
late night Thursday
Friday, thats Des there
Friday - you won't have to worry about the corners after the weekend
Friday - don't put it there put it here
Saturday gazebo blown to bits and wrapped around the bikes
Saturday Johns gazebo wrapped around his bikes as well
Saturday unwrapping the bikes hoping they're ok
Saturday 7 am loading bikes
The Devon Autocyclists