Written by Roy Best

Sadly the ride coincided with the Jubilee weekend so I was not expecting a large turnout of riders but we did manage 9 riders which was a good turnout. Mandy (regalia) and John B came all the way from Crewe for the weekend to attend the ride with Rod and friend “forgot the name” coming from the Bristol area. Mike came from Bridport in Dorset, new members Laurence from Cornwall with friend Paul from Plymouth, John G and me rounded up the riders, not many regular riders from Devon sadly.

Not sure if the weather was going to hold up but things were on our side for the day, as we were prepared for anything that was going to come our way. Everyone seemed so busy talking that no one noticed that the I had not brewed up before the ride which saved a job as Theresa has had her leg up in the air for a few weeks. Leaving Pinhoe we lost John G at the next junction to Dog Village, thought he was close behind so we waited but he was nowhere to be seen. There was a lot of looking for him but he seemed to have disappeared completely, though it best to carry on and hope we meet him at Bickleigh, no doubt he was enjoying himself. Things were a bit more straight forward after this as we made our way along the route to Bickleigh. No bike problems apart from my powerpak starting to give me problems with power especially up the hills, recent exercising on my bicycle certainly helped, this was now beginning to slow the pace quite considerably. I was really glad to see Bickleigh and more relieved to see John G patiently waiting for us, he explained that he was too far behind and lost us quite soon. We had no back up for the ride on this one, these things can happen.

Parking up at the Railway Centre and a look in to see Matthew and Co to say hello, I had a look at the bike with John and caught up with others at the Mill for lunch and a beer. Food and beer seemed to be going down well in the open air and time soon flew by, shopping in the Mill for some.

Return journey to Pinhoe went well with some heavy rain but did not last long and soon dried out. I was doing fairly well but starting to give more problems and now bringing up the rear, thinking by now that I should have brought the Honda. Two mile from the finish the PowerPakPacked up for good and with engine disengaged pedalled most of the way home. I was well being looked after and in the end John B came back for me and insisted I rode his Honda and he would bring my bike the remainder of the way, after my leg problems in the past this was much appreciated. Afternoon tea and cakes were served which rounded off the day, gladly we missed a lot of the bad weather in other areas of Devon.

Eventually later found a wire in the mag had worn through, now repaired, the first time in 14 years the Powerpak had given problems.

The Devon Autocyclists