Written by Roy Best

This year was to be totally different regarding the weather, last year so wet we had to abandon and this year so hot it was unbelievable. Good to have had good weather after last year but it was so hot it was hard to cope after three and a half days sorting and running the club stand.

Thursday we met up as normal with John G Justin and James, no real grass to cut but a good natter in the Sun in an empty field overlooking the Exe. Friday again saw the stand being sorted, with our new rather flexible gazebo being erected, spent ages looking for ways to keep it in place with any ropes we could find.

The Chip Shop run went ahead with only 3 riding, that was me, Nik and John R, sadly numbers are very low for this run, had a laugh though when both took a short cut leaving me to do the ride on my own. Saturday saw a bit of action but sadly again entry numbers were low with the few bringing the most bikes but we had a good display of 21 bikes

Not a lot of people at the show due to the extreme hot weather and those that were there looked for shade all weekend, so not much talking about the club and bikes on show, punters were probably down at the beach, lucky devils.

Sort of glad that Sunday night came along so we could close up the stand and pack things away. Hopefully we could do with some in between weather next year and some more entries from club members, look forward to 2014 to see what comes along.

The Devon Autocyclists