Written by Roy Best

Many miles were done by four of the riders to come along for the day, gladly no real problems for them so that was good. Paul, Laurie and Davey came all the way up from Plymouth, over Dartmoor and Haldon Hill to Exeter for the run. The three often come a long way riding their bikes, each probably did around 120 miles total for the day including the run. Martyn road his Wisp up from Newton Abbot and over his favourite Haldon Hill, this was still a good distance for a Wisp, he's quite happy pedalling as well. Other riders for the day were James, Mike and Roy, seven riders and Des & Irene doing our back up, an average turnout for this time of year.

Riding out from Pinhoe for the twenty miles out along the lanes to Bickleigh for lunch was great fun. We watched Mike, Laurie and Paul having a great time on their hot Puch's and me trying to keep up on my standard Puch without much luck. We seem to get there fairly quickly this year, James having a bit of a problem and Martyn being looked after by Des as the Wisp only doing around 20mph.

After lunch at the Bickleigh Mill "well worth a visit here if ever near there" we headed home on the shorter ten mile route. Sadly a bit more trouble for James with the Raleigh Runabout, he recently restored the bike and really this was the first long run. Me, Mike, Laurie and Paul were way ahead on the Puch's so waited at Killerton for everyone to catch up; there seemed a very long wait this time. Davey came along on his Honda Vision DX covered in air horns with news that James bike had packed up, so not far from home I went for the van to go and pick him up. So ending another great day on the bikes, tea and cake at home rounded off the day.

A short Stop for Martyn, Paul, Davey and Laurie as they still had to get home, happy riders.

Thank you to Des & Irene for their help.

The Devon Autocyclists