Written by Roy Best

This year's Dipper Run breaks a record of 11 bikes running, not many more but having 14 people riding this year is a very rare site for Devon. Various sections of the club further up the country can on many occasions have well in excess of 20, it's going to be many years before we hit these figures but it could be possible one day.

We welcomed Carl Squirrell from EastCoast Pedalers with partner Debbie; they were down on holiday for the week and dropped off Debbie's FS1E on their way to Paignton. Carl and Debbie did not expect a Father Christmas week when they got to their hotel, went to North Devon in discuss after giving their thoughts. Paul from Plymouth rode up again for the ride on his very hot Puch with route taking him over Dartmoor and into Exeter. Martyn having Wisp problems and his new Mini Motor not quite ready came along to follow along and take some pictures; Des & Irene again would do our back up. Shani on her Peugeot Vogue riding this way for the first time road up with Peter on his LML 2T scooter from Teigngrace. John and Bob from Seaton brought along their Tomos & Honda C90, Mike from Dorset brought along his hot Puch with David that way brought along his Norman autocycle. John G and son Rob rode up from Torquay with a Honda Innova and a very bright S90, John R deciding not to ride his VeloSolex up from Plymouth came up in the H van. Two local riders, James on his new James autocycle and new rider Daniel on his Batavus moped sporting a remodelled exhaust. I was hoping to ride my Puch Maxi 2 "not hot" but DVLA added a dot to the frame number on the registration doc so could not mot it, deciding to ride the Honda Novio. I am lucky to have enough space home here to accommodate the bikes and riders, but room for a few more. A self-service tea room was set up in the garage which seemed to go down well, containing a large collection of small bags obtained from various hotels and restaurants.

Sun was shining for a while and some were in fairly light cloths and as you may know David was once again riding in open sandals with no socks. Thick clouds came along and James runs home for some better cloths, good idea as many leggings were dragged out of bags as the rain came. Rob had to help dad to put his leggings on as he was struggling a bit. Starting the run we let John R shoot off first and the rest following, I believe it was James who soon took Peter a different way but was soon brought back. With the rain at the start, riders waited at Poltimore cross for a catch up which also had a road closed sign. Gladly I checked this out the day before and it was clear enough to ride, some good group photos by Martyn. Off again and a few yards up the road we met some horses, 14 bikes and two cars stopped again to let them pass. The rest of the outward route went fairly well with a couple of catch up stops for John R, fun being in amongst the bikes again, now for our mid stop at the Diggers Rest in Woodbury Salterton for a beer.

Now off for the homeward ride, started fragmenting a bit here as John & Rob had to shoot off with Martyn having to go as well. Few miles up the road David was on a flyer and took the faster riders off for a little more speed, thinking they were to get lost he took them a fair way back on the route and waited. Des and I looked after the Velosolex and in catching them up we made our way home to Pinhoe. Theresa and Debbie had the soup and spuds sorted and the chiminea was well ablaze, and good that the weather still behaved itself. People having a fair way to ride home got caught in some bad weather sadly but all arrived home safely. It was a good ride and everyone departed thanking us for the ride and Carl & Debbie taking on some ideas from the run to use on their next ride.

If we get a couple more riding next year to add to the 14 it would be great, see you there.

The Devon Autocyclists