Written by Roy Best

A very successful weekend for our section this year at the 42nd Historic Vehicle Gathering at Powderham and for the organizers of the event The Crash Box and Classic Car Club. I thought entries could be quite low this year and a bit lower than the previous year, entries picked up in the last few weeks and we were able to display 31 machines in the end which was the most we have had for many years.

Normal procedure for setting up started Thursday night and stand set up of Friday ready for final bike display and information sheets to be sorted on Saturday. Our security man with his H Van suffered problems on the exhaust during the week leading up to this but John worked until past midnight Thursday night to fix it and arrived as soon as he could later on the Friday.

Our chip shop run was our normal see whose bike would finish, run out of fuel, get lost or taking a short cut to the chippy type of thing. This year only four bikes took part one broke down after a couple of miles so we returned the way we came, me and Martyn went straight to the chippy and Dave whose bike had problems with Nic followed along a bit later and joined the que behind us which was good.

First year for some time that were able to take some bikes around the ring with the motorcycles which was great fun, donít like that microphone when he puts it in front of you. Myself, Des and Peter rode around the ring getting in quite a few laps, gran daughter shouting at me to do a wheelie or a doughnut which was quite funny. Lots of public to talk too this year and even heard the same stories from people we have met over the years.

Some new members were signed up and we met some club members that we have not met before, sort of a standard weekend really and goes as quick as it comes around. Lots of help from people to look after things and store bikes overnight and pack up the stand ready for next year.

The Devon Autocyclists